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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Capsule Collection Ideas!

As you probably guessed from my previous portfolio work and clear preferences to design, i have decided to go with my instinct and design for the bridal market. I did a lot of research over the holiday, some of which you can see below.
I decided upon my client/customer, and the 'bride to be' would be a classy, sophistocated lady, who is aged between 20-45 and keeps up to date with most of the up and coming trends.

One of my key designers that i researched was Ritva Westenius, whos work is fairly simplistic, but has a key element of design that makes the garment stand out. In particular, i like the floral detail down the front of the dress in the latge image.

After researchin all over the holidays, it became apparent that flowers were  huge element in many bridal designs. I ended up hving a look at different types of flowers instead of just roses which are stereotypically seen on wedding dresses.
I think at the current time, my collection will consist of some sort of floral details on each garment, but that is yet to be confirmed!

De Lempika has also been an influential part of my inspiration, because these paintings consist of draped and folded fabric in such flattering ways; an element i would like to capture in my designs.

And of course, i had to use my photography skills to add my own personal touch to my research. I actually took these in my Photography course, but thought the colour scheme and garments related to my theme.