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Friday, 23 December 2011

Creating the collection

I have started to make my first garment in my collection, a simple fishtail gown with beautiful embellished beaded trim. The manufacturing is going well so far, with the major time going on the hand sewing of  the trims. It looks very professional so far, and hope this will continue to run throughout my collection.

My next garment is under construction too, with my second toile already made. I now need to go fabric hunting so i can begin manufacturing.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Fancy Dress Fundraising


I have chosen my fabrics based on typical bridal fabrics.

Taffeta and Chiffon

Netting and Duchess Satin

Olivia trim and Jupiter trim

The base fabrics will give a range of textures within the collection, as they all have different desirable properties. The trims will allow me to add that element of glamour to my collection.

Fabric qualities:

Taffeta - strong, lightweight, easily structured so will hold shape, delicate sheen.
Chiffon - lightweight, beautiful drape, sheer.
Duchess satin - strong, thicker than satin so is more structured, delicate shine.
Netting - used for the underskirts, is strong and structured so will hold its shape.
Olivia trim - scalloped edge is delicate and flattering, pre-beaded
Jupiter trim - heavily beaded so will add sparkle.

Range plan presentation

Yesterday was the range plan and concept deadline, which went better than i had originally anticipated. I managed to get myself all set up in my usual organised way, and was really prepared for what i was about to say. Even though i was incredibly nervous about speaking, i managed to pull through, thanks to my organisation =)

Here are a few of the boards which i presented to my peers, underneath each image is a small description of what each represents. This is the basis of my whole collection, and is what my ideas for my garments have come from.

My concept is based upon Hollywood Glamour, which reflects the stereotypical 1930's hourglass silhouette which was a desired shape for female film stars. Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn really stand out to me as being sophisticated and very glamorous. So my collection will strongly reflect the hourglass silhouette and glamour.
As for my colour palette, i have opted for a classic colour range. I have chosen ivory for my base fabric, which is slightly more flattering against the skin than a stark white. A slight variation in pearl colours will shine through too, which comes from not only the scalloped lace trim which i intend to use, but within the heavily beaded trim around the waistlines. There is also a hint of silver, which comes from the beaded trim. I am using luxury trims to embellish my garments so that they will really stand out and sparkle to emphasise the glamorous aspect.

Ivory, Pearl, Silver
My client was a difficult one to put a face to. I knew the qualities of my client, before i had a face to put to them. My ideal client would have been:
Aged between 25 and 35
Be a tall hourglass shape
Be ambitious and dedicated
Her overall style would be stylish and up to date, elegant, sophisticated.

I feel that Ann Hathaway would be a fantastic client, as she fits all my desired qualities.
This is the first board of my range plan, which showcases the first of my 6 designs. The first is an empire line cut dress, and the second a sheath style dress with a fitted bodice.

The second board shows the two fishtails within my collection. The first has a wrap over front, with a layered skirt, and the second has a simple bodice with a simple fishtail skirt.
My final set of designs are an A-line gown with a wrap over top, and the second is a short ballgown style gown.

       All my designs may be different in shape, which in technical terms will allow me to learn how to produce a range of shapes, but they will all be embellished with the same trims to keep it looking like a professional collection.