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Friday, 20 January 2012

Dress 3!

Today I managed to make the patterns for my third toile, and it went really well. Got a bit of guidance from Bruce in terms of the skirt pattern, and learnt a lot of new things! However, now I have learnt them, it makes me want to change some of my designs slightly, so more pattern drafting on the way for me.

Next step, make the toile! My collection is really coming together now, and i can see all the different dress shapes working well together. The collection shows some diversity in styles, and compromises different fabrics.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Work, work work

 Today I was able to take a road trip to find myself my fabrics for all of my dresses. I'm getting really excited now about making them all, and am anxious to get started on my second final garment. I have managed to get some of my fabrics and trims at a discounted price thanks to a few letters, and have also been asked for images of my final garments to go on the website where my trims originated from. Very pleased!

In terms of the rest of the course, my essay has just been finished a few minutes ago, and am just about to make a few entries into my many reflective journals. The written presentation deadline soon came around, but all was well and good, and I was able to hand in well on time and to a good standard.

So everything, as usual is going to plan, and I seem to be well on track to meeting all my deadlines. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Raffle prizes!

I am just about to make some posters to stick up within the college about raffle prizes, so this is just a quick note to everyone really.

Can anyone with suitable raffle prizes, such as unwanted gifts, chocolates, wines, etc, please bring them to the large fashion room, and leave them with me.

We can have a raffle throughout the year to help raise funds towards the fashion show, and we also need to start thinking about stocking up the raffle prizes for the end of year show too. My colleague at my work has volunteered to wrap up all the prizes for us, and they do look really nice how she does them.

So anything you think would be a nice prize, do please donate them.


My second toile

Even though my first dress is not quite finished in its final fabric yet, i thought i may as well get started on my second toile, which will be a short three tiered dress, with a bodice to the waist. This dress once made in the final fabric, will be edged with the same heavily beaded trim around the waist, as on my first dress, and the same scalloped trim along the bodice top, and also along each layer of the skirt. The final dress will also have more volume, as there will be netting underneath to add structure.

It's getting really exciting now to see my garments coming together, and forming a collection. I am currently in the stages of producing letters to fabric companies, asking for sponsorship of fabric for my collection, as it is proving very expensive to create with the beaded trims. So hopefully i will get some successful responses, and be able to continue with my collection.