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Friday, 13 January 2012

Work, work work

 Today I was able to take a road trip to find myself my fabrics for all of my dresses. I'm getting really excited now about making them all, and am anxious to get started on my second final garment. I have managed to get some of my fabrics and trims at a discounted price thanks to a few letters, and have also been asked for images of my final garments to go on the website where my trims originated from. Very pleased!

In terms of the rest of the course, my essay has just been finished a few minutes ago, and am just about to make a few entries into my many reflective journals. The written presentation deadline soon came around, but all was well and good, and I was able to hand in well on time and to a good standard.

So everything, as usual is going to plan, and I seem to be well on track to meeting all my deadlines. 

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