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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I sent my CV out a few weeks ago to numerous bridal boutiques in the areas surrounding me, and to my delight, i have had a few positive responses regarding potential job opportunities in the future if there is a position available. I also had an interview on Tuesday 21st Feb at Aphrodite Bridal in Knutsford, which is a designer bridal boutique which prides itself in it impeccable service. Its a really beautiful little shop, well worth a look in for any bride!

Here is the link below of you want to have a look!

Now its just a case of waiting for the response! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Half way there

I'm currently at the half way stage in the manufacture of my collection, having made 3 toiles and 3 final garments. My latest dress is now finished, and has turned out better than i had expected. Along the way, i have made a few changes to my initial designs, but each has turned out very well. This is an image of the bodice from my latest dress...

I have also managed to get hold of some inspirational accessories that i will be using in the fashion show to style my models, each individually picked to get the best from each model and to compliment each dress. So far i have a range of tiaras, head-dresses and veils, with some subtle jewellery. I keep spotting some shoes i would love to buy to style my models, but obviously i don't know their sizes until May/June so i can't buy them yet.
So my collection is slowly evolving as i manufacture, and i am getting much more of an idea of what my collection needs to improve it further.

In terms of the raffle I am organising, tickets will be going on sale after half term, and will be drawn at the start of April. Some lovely prizes on offer but i could still do with some donations.