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Monday, 21 November 2011

Vintage Village Evaluation

The Vintage Village was great fun, and was a chance for me to use my merchandising skills. I had no idea how the small the space was that we had to work with, so things did appear a bit cluttered at the start! This soon changed, as before we had even opened the stall properly, we had already sold a few items, including a sporran and a hat. Fantastic!
These are a few images that i took on the day, so i can look back and evaluate the stall itself and its success.

Overall, the stall was quite successful. We made around £110, which will definitely help towards the fashion show! It would seem that the right people weren't there on the day, as the items i expected to go, didn't. Surprisingly, the two tops that I customised never came back, so i take it they sold! =)
 There is now the opportunity to do another stall later in the year, as we still have much of our stock left over.
We could however try and sell things in a different way, such as a car boot when the weather gets a bit better.

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