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Monday, 30 April 2012

Wine and Water

water cooler

I came across this offer a couple of days ago, and have just filled out the form online to try and get us 24 bottles of Eden Springs water for free, to go towards the water for the models. They are reviewing the application and are going to get back to me over the next few weeks to see if we qualify for this donation of water. The offer goes out to people who are helping a charity, so i mentioned our college charity ASAP, and how the fashion show helps this charity anually. I know this is only a small amount of the water we probably need, but at least it will save us a little bit of money that we could spend on something else!

Fingers crossed!

I have also come across some cheap wine in Asda that could potentially be a good one for the fashion show. Its called Luchana and it's £2.50. It might be cheap, but i decided to try it to see what it was like, and for that price it is lovely.

Felix Solis Luchana Airen (750ml)Felix Solis Luchana Tempranillo Garnacha (750ml)Felix Solis Luchana Tempranillo Rosé (750ml)

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