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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fashion Show Accessories

Over the past few weeks i have been doing a bit of shopping around for some accessories to style my models for the photoshoot and the fashion show. I have come across some really great finds in a charity shop in crewe who specialise in bridal wear at a very reasonable price. I did manage to find lots of shoes that i could style my models in, however at this point in time I don't know any of my models sizes.

I had a go with some different hairstyles to see what each would look like with the hair up and down, as at this time, we have not yet decided on a make-up or hairstyle for the fashion show. I also bought a pair of shoes because they were only £2 and at least one of my models should be a size 6.
I tried to go for a variety of accessories, not just veils, and i will continue to look for some different things in the run up to the fashion show.

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