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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Portfolio progress

Over the past few weeks i have abandoned my garment manufacture and pattern cutting to focus on the up and coming portfolio deadline. With all my attention on this brief in particular, it has allowed me to motor on through my pages within a few weeks. I have done a lot of research beforehand, which i was hoping would help me with my layouts and content, so i did have quite a good idea of how i wanted my portfolio to look. As a whole, i have gone for a vintage chic look, as i feel that if i ever opened a bridal boutique of my own, this is the style i would go for. I have really built on my Photoshop and Illustrator skills this year to, and have managed to produce a much more professional outcome than last year. These are just a few of my pages to date, i still have little bits of work to do on some, but these are the basics so far. Any feedback from anyone would be a bonus!

I have also began my range plan pages, which can be seen below. My designs have altered slightly since my written presentation, so all changes have been amended on Illustrator, which gave me some more practise on the programme. Overall it is going well, and i am actually enjoying being a bit more creative with this years portfolio.

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