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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I've been watching Gok's Clothes Roadshow for the past few weeks, and it has really inspired me to get cracking with the customisation of some of the pieces selected for the Vintage Fair. I really loved the gold glitter heels that he customised, and took on board the current glittery trend for a few of my garments that I have decided to customise.

I have picked out some of the garments and items that i had already donated to the Vintage Fair to customise.
I have slightly altered the metallic top that I donated, by adding a black triple layered sequin trim around the neckline and around the sleeves. I actually had a look around the local shops to get some inspiration, and saw that River Island in particular were hosting a range that they call, 'DARK NIGHT,' which compromises between soft lace and hard solid textures such as sequins and beading. So I thought it would be nice to turn an old top, into something which is bang on trend, and very party season!

I bought this corset for last years customised garment, but ended up not using it due to a better piece turning up. It was a fairly plain Next bodice, with no detailing apart from the panelling. I however, have added a bit of sparkle and a bit of glamour, which makes it more desirable. The trim around the top is the same as the metallic top, but the trim around the waist was made our of three headbands. I think it has an Art Deco feel to it, and really emphasises the waist.

This poncho is quite an open knit, and apart from the scalloped edge shaping, there is little detailing. I thought that it could do with a little touch of colour, so used a thin ribbon to weave in and out of the knit. I think it is just the right amount of colour.

I managed to hunt out some little handbags, which I thought might go well with some of the other garments that have been picked out for the Vintage Village. On the bags, i didn't want to change them too much, and wanted to add some customisation that the buyer could potentially remove with ease. I think by doing this, the product might be more saleable.

On this bag, I actually used one of last years students promotional gifts, and added a few little bits to it. I added a few more dangling charms in the form of beads, and sewed on tiny beads to the bow. I thought it just finished it off. Again, the buyer could take this off if they didn't want it on.

This necklace was slightly broken, and missing some beads, so I decided that it was too nice to throw away, and added some of my own beads to it, finishing it off with a bead at the neck fastening.

These are just a few other things that i have donated to sell, but have not customised due to what they are.

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