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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Design Ideas to Date

To date, there is one specific image that has inspired me to the point of not being able to look for other inspiration. The top of this bodice really stood out to me as being very intricately decorated, and has the elements that I want within my designs.The heavily beaded aspect of this specific dress fits my concept and own style perfectly, and is something I can practice on samples for my sketchbook.

Over the summer, I decided upon using a combination of smooth fabrics, and ones with texture or to create texture with fabrics. My main inspiration for this, was a dress by Ian Stuart, who created a predominantly smooth dress, but added excessive volume and texture through handmade flowers.
My aim over the next few weeks is to continue my research, and hope to build on my sources of inspiration to develop me current ideas. I also hope to gather some fabric samples to aid me in my designing and final range plan.

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