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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Vintage Village ideas

With the Vintage Village in Stockport getting nearer, I decided this week to have a route around to try and find some items that could be sold to raise money towards the fashion show.

 After hearing that buttons seem to go down well, I got out my nans old button box to see if they would be any use. To make it look a bit more 'vintage' I have decided that it would be a nice idea to put them in a wicker basket. I have also got some little favour bags that I thought would be useful to put any buttons bought into.

I also have this vintage looking box which might be useful to either display things in or to sell.

This hat I actually got in a charity shop when it was 'Fill a bag for £1'' when the shop was clearing out, but i haven't yet found a use for it! The shape is unusual and the fabric looks a bit vintage so i think it may be a great addition to our college stall.

!Genuine vintage bag!
I have had this a while, but have never used it, so I am donating it to our Vintage Village stall in the hope that it will raise a bit of money. It looks really vintage and old inside, with a built in little purse which I love!

Not a lover of this metallic top, but with a bit of customising it could end up looking quite fashionable! It also has shoulder pads.

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