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Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Today has been a fantastic day! I am so relieved to say that my photo shoot on Saturday went really well, with over 900 images being taken. Now i am awaiting to see the results, which will hopefully be this evening; so excited!

My biggest relief, is that just today, i have completely finished all my toiles, toile diaries and final garments, and they are all ready to be handed in! Phew. The last dress has got to be the most impressive i must say! Well worth the effort and the wait, its just a real shame that it wasn't finished in time for the photo shoot.

Now it's just a case of tidying up the rest of my work, including the photo shoot journal, but at least the bulk of it is all done and dusted.


As soon as i get the images, i will post them and let you have a look.

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