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Monday, 14 May 2012

I have my photo shoot this coming Saturday, and i am really looking forward to seeing my dresses worn by professional models. My photographer and I are still trying to find a range of models for my shoot, but finding that models with that one look that you really desire is harder than you think. I never knew that i was that fussy about who my models were until now.

I do have to say, that my photographer is a life saver though. Over the past few weeks, i have had my makeup and hair stylist cancel on me due to unforeseen circumstances, and my model bailing on me too; so i was pretty much left with nothing but a photographer! This was daunting being as the deadline was getting closer. Luckily, Emma was on hand to sort everything out for me, which was an incredible help!!! She really is absolutely fab. Can't wait to work with her on Saturday and see what we come up with for a shoot. 

I have been having a bot of a look at makeup styles for the makeup artist, and have come to the decision to keep it fairly minimal, but highlight the eyes in a subtle way; keeping it feminine and stereotypically bridal.

Possibly something along these lines.

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